Wireless Sensor Tags JSON Web Service API Documentation

Download the Web UI SDK:

The SDK allows you to quickly experiement/run your own customized HTML5/Javascript user interface using your existing browser for live access of your Tags and Tag Managers. Simply zip the folder to distribute your custom UI to other users and they can use it with theirs.

The following are the open web service API of mytaglist.com/.net. These API are what you need to build everything from simple cutom automation/integration projects to full-fledged apps like the official iOS app.

Custom Hosted API

Using the above web service hosted at https://mytaglist.com, anybody can start developing for Wireless Tags today. If you are system integrator, we also provide custom hosted API solutions.
We will host the above API at yourdomain.com and redirect your specified tag managers to there. The redirection only happens once at Tag Manager power on, after then all communication between the Tag Manager hardware and your server occur without going through mytaglist.com. You can choose any available Windows Server hosting providers, such as AWS and Rackspace.
From custom hosted API, the web service can connect to any Microsoft SQL Server you 100% own or control. All state information (including customer account information, tag configuration, logged data and event history) are stored at your SQL Server for further processing (report generation, real time notification by SQL database triggers, etc) by your custom code. Depending on the network bandwidth / server hardware you choose, you can provide your customers with higher reliability and throughput than what is offered by mytaglist.com for other users.

Case Studies

Example Code

The following are source code of the mytalist.com/eth Web App, which is 100% based on HTML/jQuery/Ajax calling the above web service API.

Cross link to API documentation/html UI element/internal javascript functions have been added for easy browsing. These will serve as excellent example on how to use the above web service API.